Search Engine Optimization for your website or blog can sometimes be a tricky thing. However, once you master the tactics used by some of the biggest SEO experts in the world, nothing should ever stop you from ranking your site in the first place in search engines. SEO however is an developing skill. Google keeps updating and changing its algorithm from time to time and getting better. Gone is the time where stuffing keywords into your Blog post would put you on the very first page the moment you posted something.

Google just released their google core update where they changed a lot of things in their algorithms. They do this many times each year and they tweak their algorithm to become smarter and better. This also means changes in tactics for SEO experts.

One aspect of SEO is doing backlinking. One of the best ways to rank your website is by doing back linking; however building quality backlinks might be hard sometimes. However, if you are ready to put in the time and the effort to build quality backlinks, it might be very well worth it to get your website to rank on the first page of google. SEO services in Karachi share their tactics on how to get quality backlinks after the google core update.

Why are backlinks important for SEO?

Google’s algorithm has been a mystery for SEO experts, and people have been trying to sort this mystery out for years now. However, through trial and error, SEO experts have figured out that back link are very important for your site to boost SEO. It is effectively the vote in favor of your site if you get quality backlink where it shows google that your site is getting traffic from other quality sites, which makes them rank you higher in their search engine. However, not all SEO is done by quality back linking from reputable sites and there are many that use “Blackhat” SEO tactics like spamming or begging for back links however they do not always benefit them.

So here are the tactics practiced by SEO services

Guest posting

Guest Posts is used normally by contributing free content to a site for a high-quality back link. We can sprinkle the Links out throughout the content or just in the author’s bio section. This gives both parties a win as one gets free high-quality content while the other gets a prime quality back link. However, this tactic is often misused by some people where they offer very low quality content to other people for a back link which is unethical, as most of this content is written by writers who have no experience in the field. This influx of inferior quality content hurts the site which is why it is important to get good content for your guest post.

Broken link building

You might have seen the dreaded “error 404” message popping up on one of the sites you might have visited. We call this a broken link, and it even happens to some of the well-maintained sites in the world. Now, you can offer the site owners to fix those broken links by offering them links to the valid content. That link however will be to your own site.  This is also a win-win situation for both parties as both get what they need. The site owner gets an up-to-date site while you get a high-quality back link.

Become a source for content

Becoming a credible source for a reporter or a blogger is also great for building high-quality backlinks. You can very easily become a source for a reporter in your space and get a niche edit backlink from their publication. You can use a site called “Help a reporter out” where you can very easily do this. This also is a win-win situation for both of you as the reporter gets an excellent source that will stand behind what they said and you get a quality back link from a huge news website.


Here is what you needed to know about how to build quality backlinks in 2021 after the google core update. To summarize, backlinks are important to your site because they show google that your site has a lot of valuable information which other websites will link to. You can use various ways to get some of the best and high-quality backlinks. The very first method we recommend is using guest posts where you can contribute high-quality work to another site for a link. The other strategy we recommend is that you offer to fix broken links on other people’s websites where the fixed links will divert to your site. The last strategy you can use is that you can become a source for reporters to cite.